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What we can offer you.

Woodward Cars offers you this unique service.To my knowledge no other supplier of Wedding cars provides this.

The Rolls Royce is fitted with two small unobtrusive HD Video cameras. One pointing forwards taking the view of the route we are travelling including a view over the 'Sprit of Ecstasy's shoulders!

The second camera points into the rear of the car and records the magical moments experienced between the Bride and her Father/Escort and then latterly the married couple.

These moments are never normally recorded and are normally just a memory. They do not need to be!

If requested the cameras will be switched on for the duration of the journeys and will record these cherished memories and within 14 days of the Wedding I will send you edited footage on DVD. This DVD can then be used to view on its own or can be incorporated into your main wedding video.

As I have said this is a unique service. The cameras are very small and unobtrusive and will provide you with fantastic memories of your special day.